Limestone works more beautifully in the sunshine than any other material. With the western and southern light here, the building will glow.

Robert A. M. Stern


​By day, the building’​s cool textures seem to sparkle in the sun. As the day ends and the rays spread low across the Hudson, its walls radiate a gentle, almost painterly glow. It is not difficult, therefore, to see why Robert A.M. Stern Architects has chosen limestone to be the signature element of 70 Vestry.

Yet this decision has not been an aesthetic choice alone. For generations, the inherent beauty of limestone has graced the New York skyline, adding its lightness and elegance to the city’s high rises and cluttered blocks. Finding the perfect material was a critical step in the evolution of the design.

The Beaumaniere limestone selected for the façade comes from a quarry on the banks of the Seine, 250 km south of Paris. This naturally-honeyed aristocratic stone has been quarried in the French countryside for hundreds of years and delivers the beauty, quality and consistency that 70 Vestry required.